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D&K Carpentry provides clients all over Ireland with the very best in professional restoration.
Our team of wood restoration experts specialise in renovating and restoring listed, heritage and landmark buildings. Working within government restoration guidelines and with restoration societies, our team can completely revitalise a building whilst retaining its unique historical elements.
Our restoration ethos means we make every effort to retain as much of the building's original fittings as possible. We only replace beams and wood when absolutely necessary – as such we return classic buildings to their former glory.


Don’t compromise on the cost or on the quality of the roof on your next build. Get in contact with D&K Carpentry today.

Our Restoration Service

Our professional restoration experts always strive to retain as much of the old building's features as possible. Before undertaking a restoration project, we consult with local historic societies before assessing how much of the buildings original structure can be retained. We can bring even the most dilated buildings up to code whilst not undermining their old world charm and elegance.
Our restoration procedures include:

New Floors Installation
New Fire Barriers
Re-joining Walls

We have extensive experience working with both Georgian and Victorian style buildings and we are proud to be part of the fight to retain Ireland’s unique architectural heritage.

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